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Head Coaches and Trainers can customize practices and workouts with YouFunl's Coach Smart Practice Scheduler, so each each assistant coach and player can participate in efficient, informative practices. By utilizing the In-Game Analysis Tool coaches will be able to help young ball playesr make in-game adjustments Now!


Just as professional athletes have the use of technology on the sidelines to make instant adjustments, YouFunl's Instant Analysis Tool allows young ball players to do the same! By using the Instant Analysis Tool, ball players can have access to all of their game action videos at once to make In-Game adjustments now!

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The YouFunl System is a comprehensive, secured and compatible app solution for those entrusted with the hopeful dreams of today's ball players!
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Allows the ball player instant access to footage of their latest performance, to analyze and make instant in-game adjustments. For example; a parent videos their kid's at bat with the YouFunl App, then before the ball player returns to the dugout, the parent is able to send that footage instantly to the ball player's portal on the team page for analysis.

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On October 27th, the YouFunl Team will produce the first Sport curriculum content In Missouri City Texas. Baseball will be the first curriculum and is will work hand in hand with the Coach Smart Practice Scheduler. Also, the final stages for the YouFunl App and Website are taking place! Look for the roll out soon!

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Our work is based on the trust and the teamwork to give the player the best conditions both on personal and practice through a 360º service. We raise the athlete’s career beyond sport and makes him become a known brand around the world.

We combine both, marketing and communication knowledge to place our athletes in the traditional and digital media and raise them to the next level.

There are a lot of players who have tremendous SKILLS, but lacked the ATHLETIC ability to make it to the next level. Results come from smart practice schedules, excellent exercise technique and planned workouts to effectively and safely build up your strength. Whether you are looking to improve your performance on the ground, or whether you want to achieve fitness specific goals; efficient practice scheduling is the key! 

Video taping yourself is a great method of getting a realistic view of your form, technique, and mechanics. Although many athletes say they have good awareness of their body, they are still able to identify flaws and refine their skills by watching video of their practice sessions. Sometimes subtle mechanical flaws are not felt or players do not realize anything is wrong until they can see it for themselves.

A coach’s job doesn’t stop when the team gets off the field. Coaching a team takes considerable organizational skills and attention to detail. Coaches and athletic directors must be able to juggle schedules, train athletes to peak ability, handle business matters like insurance, counsel team members, and provide useful tips. For a player, practicing and playing is a full-time job, so a coach can schedule a team to come practice at virtually any time.

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